On bowing out gracefully…

It has been enlightening indeed, to observe that the Malaysian voters have matured, and made a decision for a change during the 12th General Elections recently held. Whether the change is for the better or not, its too early to tell, but I salute you, Malaysians, for having the heart and guts to make a change.

Change is always hard to accept. It doesn’t matter if the change is for better or worse, the fact remains that a change has taken place. It is here we see that in adopting to the change, forward movement can be made. Never before in the history of our nation, the Ruling Coalition been denied their 2/3 majority. Never before has so many seats and states been taken from them. Then again, never before has the Opposition been so united a front, making their voice heard across the board.

The mainstream media, for the first time ever, in my personal observation at least, covered the success and stories of candidates and winners from parties other than Barisan Nasional. They have also semi-openly published commentaries just a week ago was considered unsavoury, therefore unfit for the consumption of the general public.

Yes, a change is indeed afoot. We can only hope and pray that the change will be for the better. In the process of moulting, our nation will be made stronger, and more able to forge forward…

Wait, wait… I change my mind. I’m not praying for a nation surging forward. Like any other ordinary Malaysian, I just wish for better standards of living – in healthcare, in education, and economically. I wish for better prospects at work, and improved opportunities, not just for the Bumiputras or rather UMNOputras, but for all Malaysians up to the task of seizing the opportunity. I wish for a Malaysia with better tolerance for her many-faceted subjects – may it be in religions, beliefs or lifestyles. Perhaps now, to be ‘Malay’, one does not have to be over-zealously ‘Muslim’… I wish for lower crime rates and interest rates for my mortgage, and for a leader that has what it takes to make it all better…

It is interesting to note, that our former PM, Tun Mahathir has called upon Pak Lah to resign, to bow out gracefully, as he thought it was fair enough to lay the blame squarely upon Pak Lah’s already burdened shoulders. And then there are whispers about the notorious son-in-law, who purpotedly plans to wreck havoc with the nation by causing civil unrest, to ensure that the family that matters, remain in power.

For those who think that the plot seems far-fetched, and more at home in a Korean political soap-opera, don’t forget that this was the man who think nothing of inciting racial hatred to plonk himself ever-so-securely in a seat of significance. The man who is supposed to be in-charge himself, seems not to notice the manouverings, and is quite happy to let the country run on auto-pilot while the son-in-law runs it into the ground.

If emergency rule is enforced, the results of the recent General Elections will be declared null and void, and the hard-earned win by Barisan Rakyat will mean nothing, as those who were in power will remain there. It is therefore in the best interests of the rakyat, to stay put and not take the bait this time…

After all, we the rakyat, have made our voices heard, didn’t we? Now, we must be patient, and let the sleeping man fall off the throne on his own… Even Samy Vellu, who claims that even God himself could not remove him, has been ‘toppled’, and that ladies and gentlemen, was enough good news for me in one night…

Hoping the ‘Opposition’ will now do the jobs they promised to do – Jasmine.


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