On being able to fly…

When I was much much younger and foolish, I used to dream that my ‘superhero’ specialty would be being able to fly. Imagine, being able to fly to wherever your heart wished, and being able to do good and all that… Never have to wake up early again, after all, all I gotta do is fly to wherever I’m supposed to be and never late! Flying to the cinema instead of waiting for the crunky old Sri Jaya bus, full of stinky people and perverts. Flying to McDonalds to get my sundae fix, and then over the weekend, fly off to some scenic spot to enjoy the sunset… The possibilities were limitless!

But then with the ability of flying, would come the endless responsibilities. Mum would have asked me to send and pick up my siblings from school. “You’re going to fly, how hard is it going to be?”, I can hear her asking. And then there’s the things to get from the grocery store, and more and more chores to do… And soon enough, I might even be doing so many things for others, that its no longer ‘my’ ability to fly, more of a community thing that needed to be shared. As corny as it sounds, the words “With power comes responsibility,” would now apply to plain ‘ole boring me!

The analogy here is not perfect, but I’d like to liken the new Barisan Rakyat government to myself, had I been granted the elusive powers of flying. It is a dream, yes, but one not likely to materialize. The Barisan Rakyat had always dreamed of the day when Barisan Nasional would finally be beaten, and they would emerge victorious. The operative word here is dream, and never had they prepared for the actual win.

They chaotic organization of the state governments has shown that this is the case. It took them a bit of time, to digest the fact that they had actually won. Where they had prepared for defeat, and therefore, know how to handle, a victory was handed to them. It did not actually come on a silver platter – missing documents in the state offices, and small tussles here and there over the coalition’s positions in the goverment, but eventually they settled down and began work in earnest.

Just like the child who dreamt of flying, Barisan Rakyat now have the mandate, and by default, also the responsibility to make it work. With power comes responsibility. Use it wisely, or the people will again make a choice, and perhaps put the idiots they kicked out this time, back into office…

Now that the rakyat of Malaysia have very clearly made the choice for change, it is interesting to see that the changes, are being made. Albeit a little slowly, as Barisan Rakyat learns the right way to ‘fly’, but they’re doing a commendable job…

Glad that I never really got the opportunity to fly – Jasmine.

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