On dancing around the elephant…


This post, I feel flustered and at lost for words, but somehow it must be put down in writing. Living in Malaysia, it is hard to miss the current issue of pigs and pig-rearing in Selangor. Its all over and everywhere on the mainstream media and news last night, that the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor is allowing a pig-related project to take off in the vicinity of Sepang.

There has been a lot of talk – on the effects of pig-rearing lah, pollution created lah, and what ever else. There was even several below-the-belt comments – about PAS selling out their soul for allowing a pig-related industry to take off.


What happened to tolerance and freedom of choice? Doesn’t Islam promote tolerance of thy neighbours? So what if one’s neighbours happens to rear pigs or eat pork? What difference does it make? They’re not Muslim, therefore not subject to the restriction of pork, right?

And then there’s the logic of disallowing an animal facility due to polution and all that… What about rearing cows and chickens for meat then? They don’t poop or pee? I’ve never heard of anyone raising such a stink about cows or chickens before ( pardon the pun 😛 ).

Lets not forget that apparently, the project was approved by the previous administration. And in Melaka and Negeri Sembilan, the state government makes piles of moolah from the pigs. Who gets the benefit? The ones in the corridors of power of the state, apparently. So why the stink now? Why not before?

While all of this brouhaha is going on, the people are conveniently and gently steered away from the big thing coming up this weekend. Organizers of the Black 14 Gathering are practically screaming hoarse trying to gather support. Apparently, come this weekend, DSAI will be free to participate in politics again. To celebrate, the Black 14 Gathering has been organized at the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman on Monday, 14th of April 2008. Don’t say I didn’t tell you it’ll start at 9pm.

It is as if there is a big elephant in the room, but everyone does not want to talk about it. Everyone is just dancing around it, and would rather talk about the chandelier instead. I will be sitting this gathering out. Being a small and insignificant one in the big scheme of things, I would prefer not to become somebody’s chessman, regardless of how insignificant my contribution will be…

Hoping that someone, anyone would finally say, “Eh, got elephant lah!” – Jasmine.


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