On 100 things to do before I die…

Been buried under a mountain of work lately, and trawling through the usual selection of blogs, I came across Moo’s blog. Been an avid fan for a while now, but one particular post inspired me more than the rest, and it was her ‘to do’ list… I suppose this is a good time as any to start, or at the very least, put down mine… Here they are, in no particular order, other than which ones popped in my head first as I write…

1. Fall in love – Done.
2. Have the same person I’m in love with, fall in love with me – Done. (Easier said than done though… You have been warned!)
3. Get paid to travel the world – In Progress.
4. Get paid to write my crazy, zany thoughts – Done.
5. Read as many books as I can lay my hands on – In Progress.
6. Own my own home – In Progress.
7. Finish my law degree – Done.
8. Finish my psychology degree – Done.
9. Create a tropical garden in my own home (refer to #6) – In Progress.
10. Buy my own car – Done.
11. Climb a mountain – Done. (Kinabalu, with Boo)
12. Have my dream kitchen – In Progress.
13. Have my tropical-themed open-air bath, with a claw-footed bath tub – Soon, not enough moolah for it in new house.
14. Keep my family and friends close, and not take them for granted – Working on it!
15. Get married to the man I love, small and romantic wedding with live jazz and good food – Working on it.
16. Get married as mummy wishes, with three billion guests and a loud bang – Trying to avoid it.
17. Work on getting a dog certified in Search and Rescue, and actually doing it – In Progress.
18. Volunteer with MERCY/UNICEF etc – Done, In Progress.
19. Sky dive – In Progress, trying to get enough guts to do it.
20. Bungee jump – Done.
21. Survive Outward Bound School – Done.
22. See Mount Everest – Done. 2008 on the South Asia Expedition.
23. See Taj Mahal – Done. 2008 on the South Asia Expedition.
24. See a ‘live’ bubbling volcano – Done. Mount Semeru in Java.
25. Dive in Komodo Islands – Done.
26. Dive in Sipadan Islands – Done. Twice.
27. Keep the house clean – In Progress.
28. Buy a 42-inch Plasma TV – Done.
29. Buy a Macbook Pro – Done.
30. Have children – Soon.
31. Learn to cook good food – Done.
32. Organize my wardrobe – In Progress.
33. Complete the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage – Soon.
34. Finish reading the Holy Quran – in Arabic and translation – In Progress.
35. See Petra and Abu Simbel.
36. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef.
37. Dive in Papua New Guinea.
38. Learn to ski / snowboard – Done. Can’t say I can do it, but I’ve tried!
39. Learn to surf – Done.
40. Learn to drive a four-wheeler – Done.
41. See the Big 5 in Africa.
42. See Mount Kilimanjaro.
43. See Machu Picchu.
44. Go to the Artic Circle.
45. See penguins in their natural habitat – Done.
46. Dive with sharks – Done.
47. Learn to sail – Done.
48. See the opera.
49. See Cats, Les Miserables, Fame, Miss Saigon in NYC.
50. Go to Jammu & Kashmir – Done.
51. Go to Tibet – Done.
52. See the Great Pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx, sail on the Nile.
53. Get my PADI Rescue Certification – Working on it!
54. Make our house as environmentally friendly as possible – In Progress.
55. Catch the sunset at Tanah Lot Temple in Bali – Done.
56. Visit 150 countries before I die – In Progress.
57. Inspire someone to be a better person – Done. Corny, I know, but its something I feel like I must do.
58. Pray 5 times a day, every day – Working on it.
59. Lose weight – In Progress.
60. Write a book.
61. Help out with an animal / pet rescue organization – Done.
62. Open a free-meal kitchen for homeless people in KL.
63. Buy a piece of tanah somewhere out of KL, and build a holiday home.
64. Learn to sing.
65. Learn to salsa, especially since my significant other can do it!
66. Stick to going to the gym! – In Progress
67. Pledge my organs for donation when I die – Done.
68. Donate blood – Done, In Progress.
69. Become punctual – Working on it!
70. Own my own baking business – In Progress.
71. Make a million bucks before I turn 50 years old – Working on it.
72. Improve my asset management – In Progress.
73. Buy an electric or hybrid car to use daily.
74. Learn to ride a clutched bike.
75. Buy my M5 BMW.
76. Buy my BMW Touring bike.
77. Have a romantic honeymoon.
78. Backpack or overland in Europe.
79. Learn to speak at least one other language – Spanish or Japanese or French. Working on Spanish.
80. Become a good mother.
81. Become a responsible pet owner.
82. Have a good relationship with my significant other.
83. Have more shoes!
84. Have more handbags!
85. Forgive those who have done me wrong in the past, particularly my stepmother, who has tried to make my life as humanly miserable as she can – In Progress.
86. Take responsibility for my own actions – Done.
87. Not get sucked into substance abuse – ciggies or coffee! – Done.
88. Stop being a TV addict – Done.
89. Learn to live clutter-free – In Progress.
90. Dress better – Working on it!
91. Tame my unruly, crazy hair – Working on it!
92. Get LASIK surgery for my eyesight – Working on it! Not enough guts yet.
93. Run a marathon.
94. Join the Kinabalu Race to the Summit.
95. Give free tuition to underprivileged kids.
96. Buy my own diamonds – In Progress.
97. Have a meaningful conversation with Dad, lasting longer than 20 minutes, and not punctuated by grunts. (Dad is not the talky type)
98. Make peace with my mother – Done.
99. Take a cruise to the Antarctic.
100. Eat fugu in Japan.

I suppose, for a young person, I have achieved quite a bit of my very very long list. Some are more significant than others, while some are incredibly shallow and almost blonde, but all of them, eventually, I will try to complete. I would like to think that it’s a reminder of the things that I have not achieved, and that I should not rest on my not very many laurels and take life for granted. There is more out there, and we should always keep our dreams and aspirations close. Carpe diem!

Thanks all, for tolerating my insanely long post – Jasmine.

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