On hate…

Today, the woman whom I used to loathe came by the office, apparently to collect her father’s belongings that was left behind in my car from the last expedition. I first encountered her two years ago, when she came on the expedition, and thus began my hate-affair with her, to be continued by her father in the next year. Read about her here and here. On the next expedition, her father brought me grief to no end. And even now, almost a year has passed, he still bugs me sometimes…

I’ve always thought that I’m a good judge of people, and rely very much on my first impressions. And I might add, I’m very rarely wrong. This was the girl that I disliked on sight, and I could not get over my dislike of her even after spending almost 60 days in close quarters. Throughout the expedition in 2006, she was clingy and irritating, and got on my nerves constantly. Perhaps it was convenient for me to have an object of loathing on the expedition, if only for me to focus my unhappiness on…

I have not seen this woman for two years. Not that it bothered me if I never see her again. The funny thing though, was when I saw her this morning, I was immediately reminded of how much I disliked her, and wouldn’t even wish to spend 10 minutes witn her in idle and mindless chatter.

Its like an unpleasant smell that you get a short whiff of, and know what to expect and imagine the worst is yet to come. I find it rather disturbing that I would dislike someone so much. Perhaps she became the embodiment of what that didn’t go well for me on the trip. Perhaps she’s not likeable. I wasn’t the only one who did not get along with her.

And then I got to thinking, there must be someone out there who thinks the same of me… 😛

Hoping not to see this woman ever again in my life, so I am not reminded how hateful I can be – Jasmine.

ps – I don’t think I’m an angry, pissy, self-combustible person… So this hatefulness was quite out of character for me…


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