On school uniforms…

From young, our parents, teachers, and friends teach us that we have choices about our lives and that we’re responsible for what happens to us. We frequently hear that if you are beaten, you’re said to have incited it, and that if were raped you’re said to have invited it. We inculcate in them that they are responsible for the things that happen in their life both positive and negative.

Thus, when a rape occurs, usually what a victim’s thinks is: “What did I do that was wrong?” The victim blames herself and society is quick to blame her as well. Now we read that even the innocence of children is questioned. Schoolgirls are now responsible for seducing their perpetrators. Read about it here.

In my opinion we seem to be saying that we won’t take responsibility as a society and we will continue to blame the victims. We have to start discussing about who rapes. Who is that somebody? Why do men rape women? And how do you stop them?

We have to examine the various types of rape. There is anger rape which is characterized by physical brutality; power rape in which the aim is to control the victim; and sadistic rape in which the driving force of anger and power is translated into a sexual attack and sex rape where drugs are the instruments of the attack.

Very few rapes involve provocative dressing on the part of the victim. In fact, I would say that convicted rapists do not remember what their victims were wearing.

Rape victims range from days old to senior citizens in their nineties. Where is the evidence that provocative dressing causes rape? It is a myth that rape only happens to young, beautiful women who dress provocatively. All women are vulnerable to rape, regardless of age, race, class, education or physical appearance.

I won’t even start talking about how ridiculous it is to imagine that the baju kurung promotes pre-marital sex… It’s just mind boggling how their mental acrobatics came to that conclusion.

Perhaps I can now see why some people have school uniform fantasies – Jasmine.



  1. Hentai!!

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