On holidays…

It’s school holidays season again, which means for me, at least – less traffic in the morning, weddings left right and center, packed shopping malls, kids on the loose, and less work, since most of the office is off somewhere with a precious tot of some sort, on an excursion termed as a ‘holiday’…


Still moving and packing and unpacking. And it’s school holidays…

No inspiration to write – either too lame or too witty it does not make sense… I suspect it’s because my muse is on leave. Brought a tot on holiday, somewhere… Didn’t ask where, or if they’re coming back… Till the ideas start flowing again, the blog will remain bereft of new posts.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back, soon enough…

Till then, wish me luck with the infinite number of boxes I’ve got to pack and unpack – Jasmine.



  1. All the best packing. Hope everything is in good order. Call me if you need any help.

  2. Thanks! Need all the good vibes… You guys are first on the housewarming list!

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