On stupidity

I know I said my muse was on leave… But why the sudden proliferation of posts? It’s simply because stupidity abounds in our midst! One must stamp out stupidity!! Perfect demonstration of stupidity follows :

From The Star,

MANY people have said that even grandmothers and small babies have been raped, yet they are not sexily dressed and the women’s clothes should not be a factor in the rising number of rape cases in the country.

Don’t these people know that rapists rape women of their fantasies? And under all the layers of covering, they know that there is still a woman, the “sexy” woman of their fantasies.

These rapists are normal human beings; they do everything that other men do. But deep inside them there is resentment. And with continued exposure to films, TV programmes, magazines and even newspapers that often show women wearing clothes that many people consider to be revealing, sooner or later, the rapists in them emerge.

Yes, believe it or not, sports too encourage such men to dwell on their weird fantasies especially when they see young women and under-aged girls wearing skimpy clothes or swimsuits live on TV.

The quest to win gold medals in sporting events have even forced pious Muslim women in Malaysia especially to discard their religious values on aurat, and the sports and other political authorities too don’t seem to mind.

Olympic gold medals, or even the lowly ranked South-East Asian Games or SEA Games bronze medals are enough temptation for these women to push aside religious values.

And these potential rapists are everywhere. They may be your close friends, relatives or husband, but they are not rapists yet if they do not have the victims.

And the victims are not those women they often see in the media wearing skimpy clothes because these women are often in the company of other women and men. And they do not parade their skimpy clothes in the secluded areas, but in public places.

However, there are some women and girls who go about on their own, riding motorcycles in the woods, walk in a deserted lane to go to college and go to the deserted car parks at night with their equally young boyfriend because they had seen movies showing young couples doing the same thing.

The girl thinks just because her young boyfriend is there, she is also safe. But doesn’t she realise that if they are confronted by several men who are older and stronger than the boy, she will become a victim?

I have read many cases of rapes taking place and they happened in secluded places including in the buses and taxis. Yes, the buses and taxis are forms of public transportation but only if there are many other passengers in them. However, if there is only a single woman passenger and the driver, then the bus and taxi can become another person’s bedroom.

I hope those who say that even women and small babies have been raped, yet they are not sexily dressed and are too old or too young, must also admit the fact that these old women and small babies are not what they are to the rapists.


Cheras, Selangor.


Reading through the comment, you can see there are hints of intelligence. But the mind struggles to make sense of the train of thought this guy is trying to board.

Really lah, I am at a lost. Don’t know what to say. Cat got my tongue. Expletives defy me. All for the sake of stupidity…

Read my previous thoughts here.

Perhaps people who cannot exhibit signs intelligence should be prevented from procreating? Just maybe then, stupidity in this world will be on the downtrend…

Not willing to tolerate, or forgive stupidity – Jasmine.

ps – This post has got the most instances of the word ‘stupid’ or its derivatives ever, in my blog at least…



  1. I have to respectfully disagree with you. We need stupid people. How else can we write our blogs and articles without stupid people as the subject. I dare say half of the internet (most probably more) content will be lost if there’s no stupid people around. “Stupidity is my muse”

  2. LMAO!!

    Yes, never looked at it from that point of view… Suddenly we need stupid people..

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