On oil, again…

Found this in Harakah Daily Online.

Basically, it’s a protest of the fuel hike, organized by the Pakatan Rakyat Youth. Come if you’ve got the time, or feel that we don’t deserve fuel subsidies but want to satisfy your morbid curiosity anyways… The target is to get the same numbers as they achieved for the BERSIH rally. It’s going to be tough, since its on short notice, but Malaysians generally come out in full force when its related to money…

The protest will be held after Friday prayers, from the Kampung Baru mosque. For non-Muslims, the suggestion is to join up with the demonstrators along the way to KLCC.

Hopefully, the ‘new, more tolerant’ government will not be out to stop this demonstration with excessive force.

However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re going to the demonstrations, please keep these simple tips in mind :

1. Take public transport to the venue, preferably LRT or PUTRA. It will be almost impossible to enter the city by driving, as the police want to minimize the number of protesters. Not to mention its going to be hellish to park, right?

2. Keep your handphone, wallet and documents in a Ziplock bag, just in case it rains or you get a ‘free shower’ from FRU.

3. Carry a bottle of clean water and some clean clothes packed in Ziplock bags, just in case they use the water cannon again on the protesters. The water ain’t just H2O, its laced with nasty chemicals, and could cause permanent damage if you don’t wash it out of your eyes, and it really stings the skin. Oh ya, forgot to mention there’s also a flourescent marker that reacts to UV light in it, so if they find you later at night at those endless roadblocks, they can make life difficult for you….

4. Finally, do not forget to document the whole experience, either by still or video camera. If the authorities confiscate your device of choice, don’t forget to remove the memory card before handing it over P . It’ll make great bedtime stories for your grandchildren when you’re old, to say you were actually, part of a revolution, no matter how small your part…

For those of you who are not as interested to participate in such street demonstrations, dire warnings of massive traffic snarls especially when roadblocks at points entering the city are already in place.  Roads that are predicted to be affected are Jalan Ampang, Jalan Tun Razak, Kampung Baru area, not forgetting possible massive roadblocks at the Sungai Besi Toll Plaza, Jalan Kuching, Jalan Gombak, Brickfields and surrounding areas, Federal Highway, Middle Ring Road II (near Cheras, roadblocks are up every night!), LDP and Jalan Duta Toll Plaza.

Sharing is caring guys, so spread the news!

Perhaps I can scarfe off work for half a day on Friday? – Jasmine.


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