On art…

I’ve never been a very ‘artsy’ person myself, so perhaps I find it a little difficult to bend my head around artistic concepts, other than the really obvious ones that a kid in kindergarten could spot from three miles away, hence I sometimes find it mind-boggling to see what people spend on works of art…

This one, by Takashi Murakami, is especially hard to digest… Especially since a dude or dudette somewhere paid over 15 million US bucks for it! “My Lonesome Cowboy” was created in 1998, as part of his Bodily Fluid series… Can someone tell me how we know its a cowboy??

Call me conservative, but a manga-dude holding his sausage and spurting like that, ain’t exactly art to me…

This was the other piece in the same series, called “Hirpon”.

Milky boobs on a juvenile female form? That’s just wrong on so many levels… 😛 Actually, we don’t even know if its milk…

By the way, “Hirpon” has not yet been sold. Anyone interested in a 9-foot-tall manga sculpture? Mom-in-law might not agree, though….

Desperately cracking my head-noggin to create an ‘artistic’ piece too – Jasmine.

ps – Apologies to those who feel that this qualifies as multi-million-dollar art, ehh?


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