On politiking…

Heard the news that SAPP will be tabling, or supporting a vote of no-confidence against AAB on Monday. Really now? Even after the bag of goodies landed in Sabah fairly recently?

Quoted below, is Ku Li’s stand on the matter :

For months I have been telling Umno and the Prime Minister about the people’s lack of confidence in the present leadership. Repeating the mistakes that led to the thrashing we received at the Elections, our leaders have remained complacent and live in denial.

Today’s developments around SAPP in Sabah point to the depth of the leadership crisis facing the country. The top leadership of BN and of Umno has lost all credibility, and our component parties are rethinking their relationship with us. This should come as no surprise except to those who have been living in complete denial.

In its management of the economy this leadership has lacked vision and shown a disturbing inability to plan and execute. The haphazard and wavering way in which petrol subsidies were recently removed damaged the government’s credibility in managing the economy at a time when we face very serious economic challenges and our people are hurting.

Politically, instead of listening, the leadership silences voices from the ground calling for change and suppresses democratic processes set out by the party constitution. Instead of change we have been getting media and political manipulation. I warned openly of SAPP’s impending action a week ago, but until yesterday night the leadership dismissed my warning out of hand and the Prime Minister said he knew nothing.

I want what is best for Umno, and I have put myself on the line to reform Umno. If our leaders refuse to face reality, I fear the worst for the party and this government.

It wouldn’t be fair, as much as it seems to be, to place the blame squarely on the shoulders on one man. Many many more are as equally responsible for the turn of events that is cascading towards us now. But then, it is always easier to blame one goat than to tar the whole herd, ehh?

And even better if that one silly goat, can ‘tai-chi’ the blame onto another, stinkier goat…

PUTRAJAYA, June 18 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee’s latest action has been due to the fact that “I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed.”

Abdullah did not elaborate. However, his aides told Bernama that the prime minister would elaborate at a later date.

Yong declared in Kota Kinabalu on Wednesday that his party had lost confidence in Abdullah.

Of late, the former Sabah chief minister has been critical of Abdullah’s political decisions on Sabah as well as the move to increase fuel prices.


Perhaps its all about the money after all…

I guess that’s why it’s called politics. And it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted – Jasmine.


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