On the road again…

It’s just been forty minutes since I walked into the international terminal of KLIA. The pain of missing you has already begun… It’s inconceivable, how I can be in physical pain from an intangible feeling of missing you, and in such a short span of time, it’s already starting…

I suppose it’s because I know this year is going to be tough for me, may it be mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m not in the best shape emotionally, as I expect a tough time on the expedition this year. For more reasons than one – I am further away from home, without support in terms of someone to talk to, someone to help crutch me through the tough times, also because I’m very tight financially, and leaving home this time is really hard to do because it’s finally our own home, which has been left half-baked because of commitments to work…

It’s only day -1 of 52. I promise myself that it will be OK, that when I get home, everything will be safe and sound, and that it will be the final time I do this to myself. I pray too, that you will be OK back home, with dear Sis to keep you company, and with work to distract you from missing me.

I hope that you will remember me while I am away, that I remain in your thoughts and prayers, as those back home, are in mine – Jasmine.


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