From Hamburg to Copenhagen

First day on the road today, and it’s quite an eye-opening experience driving on the autobahn. There is only a minimum speed limit, and no upper speed limit. So go as fast as you like, but make sure it’s at least 120 km/h.

Drove for a little bit today, but the weather is getting me down a little bit – too hot in the sun, too cold in the shade, too uncomfortable in between… Just need some time to adjust to the dry European weather, I guess. As usual, the nosebleeds are back with a vengeance, and there’s not enough space in the car for all our shite put together… Too much things, as usual!! So, our photographer has temporarily shifted out into the handler’s car (yup, stinky dude)… Since he will be with the group till the end of the trip, possibly the photographer also stays there for good… We won’t know till the days pile up…

I’m getting tired, and cranky, and missing home. We only have one day in Denmark, and tomorrow we’re already moving into Sweden, but the thing is the shops here only accept Danish kroners and not Euros. To change money for the sake of buying a drink is just too much for me lah… Especially because tomorrow the money is as good as peanuts 😛 So today, I remain hungry and thirsty, and will start raiding into the food stores of the car…

I really really miss home. And I miss you to the point of going crazy! I even miss your snoring at night, and your gorgeous smile and your kisses (you know who you are). And I miss my new housemate who lives across the hall. And I miss my monkeys and the cats and the shower and the bed and the TV and the food and the fridge and the cold water and ice and shoes and sandals… Did I mention I left my sandals at home? Now I only have two options – sneakers or thongs. A girl’s gotta have her shoes!! So, that is going to be another splurge for me when we hit St. Petersburg (got a day there to look for shoes or sandals).

I know I promised to write about Europe, and all that’s right and wrong with it. Today though, it’s not possible since me brains are quite useless – hungry, tired and jet-lagged all rolled into one. I will let the photos speak for themselves je lah… Will write more when I’m not so bogged down with work and obsessed about eating and drinking, and scheming how to get home pronto!!

More tomorrow, have more time in Stockholm – another insanely expensive European city… And I promise I’m going to find Swedish meatballs!!

Miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you more than I can describe – Jasmine.



  1. Sorry to bug you in your personal message post, but, fyi, some prick made a police report stating that he was sodomized by DSAI on 26/6/08. DSAI through his wife later claimed that the allegation was made up. He also claim that he received a death threat. DSAI is currently in hiding within the Turkey Embassy.

  2. LOL!! Hilarious what these buggers call political strategy, ain’t it? Thanks for the heads up 😀

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