From Stockholm to St. Petersburg

Been on the move continuously for the past 28 hours or so – ferry for 16 hours, followed by another 12 on the road… A little ragged and raw, but all better now after a rest day in St. Petersburg… Not much to write since I spent most of the day exploring this historical city by foot, so I will let the photos do the talking… Been thinking about what to write about the whole Anwar fiasco, but I’ll save that for the road tomorrow… St. Pete to Moscow is going to be a killer stretch – 18 hours if we’re lucky… 😛

– Welcome to Sweden

– Wild poppies on the roadside in Sweden

– Favourite chocolate in the form of ice-cream!

– I think we found the upper one…

– Midnight sun on the Baltic Sea.

– On the main inner deck of the Silja Symphony

– On the upper decks! Cold!!

– St. Petersburg at night

– On the Neva River, St. Petersburg.

– Bronze sculpture on the riverbanks of Neva.

– Church of Christ Resurrection… Very candy-like… Yumm!!

– At the statue of Peter the Great himself, self-portrait.

– More Mackers, for lunch!!

Till Moscow – Jasmine.


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