From Moskva to Kazan

A break day in Moscow was spent exploring the massive Kremlin complex, and the Red Square… As usual, the pictures will speak for themselves…

– St. Basil’s Cathedral (the famous onion)

– Self portrait at Catherine the Great’s Garden

– Part of the massive Kremlin complex.

– GUM Shopping Mall in Moscow. This used to be where foreigners with hard currency were allowed to shop in communist USSR. Now, it’s as capitalist as capitalist can be 😛

– One of the feature walls in St. Basil’s Cathedral – still stunning although the jewels have been pried out.

– Self portrait at St. Basil’s Cathedral

– Isn’t this where the spies are usually running?

– On the Moscow Metro with Jimbo.

– One of the many Orthodox Russian Cathedrals, this one in Kazan.

– Lunch today – Daim cake, Coke and blueberries from the farmer’s market…

Tomorrow, we will be camping close to the Kazakhstan border, to make it easier for border crossing the next day. Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is good…


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