From Bukhara to Tashkent (with Samarqand in between)…

Pics will speak for themselves… too lazy or rather, too blank to be writing anything witty or intelligent.. (baisuayuaeyndkjshauyw in the native language)

– En route to Tashkent.

– At the Registan Complex in Samarqand.

– The Eastern wall of the Registan.

– Detail of mosaic work.

– Inner courtyard of Tilla-Kari Madrasa

– Inside the Tilla-Kari Madrasa

– Western wall of the Registan.

– At the Registan as the sun sets.

– Sunset in Bukhara

– Minaret at Issyk-Kul Madrasa

– Detail at Bukhara Citadel

– A street in old Bukhara, apparently where Al-Bukhari himself lived in…

– Inner courtyard of the Issyk-Kul Madrasa

– Detail of Bukhara Citadel

– Front gates of the Bukhara Citadel

– Shashlik lunch.


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