On waiting…

It’s been a season of deadlines lately… September had a whole spate of them, but somehow, just like kids in college with a due assignment, these datelines come and go, and new ones are conveniently announced, together with the requisite scapegoat to take the blame.

The first deadline, on September 16, for me at least, was a day that held hope. Perhaps we have matured as a nation after all. It came and went, and the death of anticipation and excitement came with the setting sun… The next day saw new promises made, that there will be change, and it will come by on the 23rd of September.

Another week of waiting, and this time, I wasn’t holding my breath. It was an uphill battle, and those on the top of the hill are busy hurling stones and axes at the marauding hoardes, while their women hauled away the treasure into a cave down the other side. Again, as expected, the day came and went. No change. Nada…

Today, we read in Malaysiakini that the deadlines will be scrapped. Change or transition or whatever it is they are calling it now, will be made soon. When it happens, it happens. Till then, we will stop making promises and breaking them, like an abusive spouse to a battered partner.

Yes, I am dissapointed. As a Malaysian wishing to see positive change, whichever way it goes, I am tried of being given the runaround, and treated like a gullible child. Not calling an emergency session for Parliament is not right, its just a delaying tactic. And don’t look so gleeful while you’re announcing it.

You are all leaders of the nation! Be responsible! Be transparent! And stop treating us, the rakyat like 5-year-olds who will swallow wholesale your lies and slander. It is insulting to think that you believe we are not intelligent enough to be concerned with rising inflation and cost of living, stagnant wages, lack of transparency in the government, outgoing FDI and all the hanky-panky that goes on while you try to secure your seat for another season…

If you’re not so eager to let go of the ‘hot seat’, why not make changes that are much needed? Root out corruption, or at least make your initial promise of doing that, actually happen. Re-invent your party, and more importantly their mentality, and drop the whole ‘Malay supremacist’ thoughts. In God’s eye, we are all equal… Improve the lives of average Malaysians…

It’s Raya season, ’tis the season to forgive and forget. You know who you are. Forgive the rakyat for not wanting you to lead the nation while asleep anymore. Forget your ambitions. You cannot mix spending ‘quality time’ with the family with official duties. That is called nepotism… Put the rakyat first, as you are supposed to do, and not your family, ehh?

For the people on the ‘other’ side of the equation, I have only one line to give you – Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Never. Because once the rakyat loose their faith in you, it will be close to impossible to win it back…

Hoping that this year will be year for change, and for the better – Jasmine.


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