On weddings…

One week has passed since it’s been Eid Mubarak, and life has pretty much returned to normal… Other than the occasional open house, and our upcoming openhouse/housewarming combo, there’s not much to indicate that we just survived the holiday season again. There is one major difference for me however, as we’ve finally decided to tie the knot, sometime in the near future…

After being together for almost a decade, and seeing our friends and family all around us get married, procreate and live their lives, I suppose it’s only natural that we too, should be progressing that way. The thing is, our whole relationship for these years has settled into a safe, familiar and comforting blanket on which the rest of the madness of my life plays out. It didn’t seem necessary to formalize what we had going on so well for all this time. After all, it’s all nice and settled, so why fix something that isn’t broken?

I suppose it was the thought of having our own children, and fulfilling the expectations of our families. It came to a point when aunties no longer asked the inevitable, “When are you getting married?” Our answers were always the same… Soon, we don’t know when yet, and we walk away with a smile…

We formalize the first step in two weeks time, with a short engagement, and the wedding to take place some time in the first quarter of next year… The truth is, I’m getting nervous and jittery, about putting the whole thing together… I’m usually very composed and organized, and putting together events is something I do with ease… But this one, my own wedding, is getting to me…

There’s just so much to do – venues, caterers, menus, decorations, invites, guest lists, seating charts, wedding dresses and presents and bridesmaids, shoes, hantaran, bunga telur, pelamin, fairy lights for the garden layout, flowers, photographers, make-up and hair, ushers… The lists are endless… And working on tight budget makes it even harder…

As I sit here and put these words down, I feel the excitement creeping in, and I can’t wait… With the joy and happiness, I suppose there will be drama too. That is unavoidable, and impossible to dodge, I’ve been told… Many a wedding have their own stories and dramas, and there are no “Easy, Simple Wedding!! Just add water!” If anything, the trials and tribulations of getting married, or at least trying to make it painless, would only make our bond stronger, no?

They say that when one gets married, one gets three rings – engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering 😛 I think it should be the other way around – engagement ring, suffering the process of planning and putting together a wedding, then finally the wedding ring… Makes more sense that way…

Looking forward to wearing my engagement ring – Jasmine

ps – Thank you, to everyone who’s helping me keep sane in all of this… Boo and Fox One for listening to my wedding angst, and my favourite Giraffe, who keeps reminding me that he loves me, even when I look like an overblown hippo and throwing another tantrum over the engagement dress… Mummy dearest, for all the support, advice and wisdom. Last but certainly not least – Daddy dearest, for financing the whole shebang, and putting some sense, when all the sensibility of the ladies of the household has flown out the window…


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