On uselessness…

Found this little news snippet today, about Shah Rukh Khan’s datukship… Read about it here.

It’s pretty much inevitable that soon Malaysians won’t be able to spit and not hit a Datuk. Every other Ahmad, Ah Chin and Muthu is now Datuk Ahmad, Datuk Ah Chin and Datuk Muthu respectively (no disrespect for the names of course, they’re just imaginary Datuks ok?).

I have always thought that these awards and what-nots where conferred onto people who contribute to the society, or the development and progress of the nation, that sort of thing. Now, almost anyone who can afford it, is a Datuk. The ones with more moolah to shell out opt for more ‘glam’ titles like Datuk Seri, or even Tan Sri. How will one respect these so-called pillars of society, when they are rewarded for every little thing? Even worse are those that choose to pay for the privilege of being known as a pillar of society… It’s just crazy!

In all honesty, I am damn curious to know what Shah Rukh Khan’s contribution to nation-building is… Heck, he’s not even Malaysian… Sort of like that Datuk Jean Todt ehh? And to think his contribution to the country is marrying Datuk Michelle Yeoh. *sigh* See? I told you, more useless Datuks!

Reading through the article, it is said that Shah Rukh Khan contributes to the movie and tourism industry bla bla bla. Let’s look at it for a minute, does anyone honestly thinks that he even knows where Malacca is? Sheesh!!

Just so not proud to be Malaysian right now – Jasmine.


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