On current affairs…

Been busy, and will be for the next few months, methinks. Work is catching up, as the usual lull in workload this time of the year is wearing off, and things to do are starting to build up again. With the wedding coming up in March, its endless preparations as we plan to do this without a wedding planner. It should be possible, after all, this is what I do for a day job, planning events…

There’s the wedding course, and the paperwork – oh the paperwork is endless!! No wonder people elope, it’s just easier that way – the invitations (to design, print and send out, not to mention the guest list), the make up and hair people, the photographer, the reception venue, flowers, wedding outfits, hantaran, relatives to deal with… It’s going to be several hectic months ahead of me, and the odd thing is, I’m relishing it! I’m actually looking forward to it… 🙂

I suppose this would be a bad time to consider a change in career direction. I suppose I would have to let my work autopilot me for a while, as methinks plunging into a new job at this point in time will make putting the wedding together all but impossible. The work is a killer, but getting a new job will be even more crazy, right? I hope my current employers might put up with me for a bit more…

Running off to see the tailor today! – Jasmine.

ps – Did I forget to mention, I love you, my favourite Giraffe? Everyone, me and you included, have bad days. It’s just unfortunate sometimes it happens to fall on the same day. Let’s get your people talking to mine so we can schedule our bad days out of each other’s hair, no??


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