On self-preservation…

I wrote the previous post in a haze of depression and anger, and the catharsis has never been better for me. Suddenly, it put things into perspective and gave me clarity of thought. No more encumberances of nostalgia, only moving forward – towards bigger and better things, no?

In retrospect, I realize that some of the thoughts I’ve expressed might hit close to home, and be used against me, as it has been previously. I do not wish a repeat of THAT incident. No, that wouldn’t do at all…

Due to my interest in self-preservation, I have locked the entry, and if you, my dear audience, are interested to read it, please do not hesitate to email me. I suppose if you’re not in possession of my email, and hence wouldn’t be one of my personal friends, BUT still desire to plumb the depths of my thoughts, leave me a way to contact you on the comments page, and I will figure out a way to connect. Ciao!


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