On a new year…

It’s the first week of 2009, and it’s been drama drama drama, to no end, from the last week of November right up till now. I suppose it was impossible to expect it to be smooth sailing as it had been for the past 12 months preceding November… I do thank the heavens above that 2008 was exceptionally kind to me 🙂

Some people say that one must start the year well, if one were to have good fortune for the rest of the said year. If that’s truly the case, then I’m done in, because the beginning of my year did not go well, and if this piece of hoolabaloo is to be believed, 2009 will not augur well for me.

I am true believer of the philosophy that one makes their own fortunes and fames, and one does not need to rely on luck or superstition to bring it about. You are responsible for what happens to yourself. You and you alone. Not the heavens above, or the motion of stars and moons lightyears away. Not the goat entrails that lay out your future, or bleak shapes in your tea dredgings…

Even God himself says it – You make your own future. Fate is not certain. Well, my God, at least. I wouldn’t know about yours…

I imagine that by viewing the world fatalistically, one is not meant, or cannot amend one’s destiny – which personally, makes it incredibly depressing, because it would mean that your life is not in your control.

Hence, this New Year, for me at least, is only a change in the numerals and nothing more. Life’s moments are cyclic – there are the ups, and there are the downs. Some ups and downs are worse than others. But they will pass. It always gets worse before it gets better…

So here’s a toast to the future, and hopefully, shorter downward cycles 🙂

But you know what they say, the higher you climb, the higher the fall, ehh?

Hoping that the calendar period ahead brings happiness and joy and good fortune to all – Jasmine.


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