On rude people…

Had dinner at a typically Malay sort of joint last Saturday, and as the place was packed to the brim with patrons, we were squeezed at a small table with barely enough space for anything at all. As we were savouring a particularly ‘juicy’ dish, my significant other got up, walked to the counter and procured us some much needed napkins if we were to avoid looking like Neanderthals enjoying dinner…

Two minutes later, a tudung-clad woman from the next table got up, leaned over my head and proceeded to clear our lot of napkins. Now… I am utterly flabbergasted as why this would happen – no hello, no excuse me, no nothing – just a gigantic hand popping over and grabbing the lot.

Now, I’m not usually one for getting ticked off for nothing, but this was utterly amazing to me – they clearly saw that we had to walk to get the napkins. Had they asked for it, we would have gladly gave it to them. It was the utter rudeness of it all, that they just took the lot of it – not just one or two, but all of them! – and did not say a word…

So much for the whole Adab Melayu crap, ehh?

Shouldn’t they have said something – like bagi salam ke, hello ke, excuse me ke? And on top of that, they had their heads all covered up in a damn headscarf!! Why wear one when manners and basic common sense is lacking? Ohh… are they of the school where keeping your hair covered is more important that being polite and beradab?

All I can say is, its beyond comprehension!

Next time, teach your kids some manners before you let them out of the house – Jasmine.


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