On the wedding…

It was slightly over a week ago, that I finally married the man I spent the last decade being together with. Granted, we spent half of that time cohabiting, and we’ve been together so long that people have stopped asking the inevitable. It was an occassion full of extremes for me – joy and happiness, and at the same time, incredible sadness for more reasons than one.

For a start, the wedding ran on autopilot – I was down with dengue fever just two weeks before the nuptial dates, and was still weak and feeling the ill effects of the tropical disease coupled with getting used to new hypertension medications.

Most of the preparations were taken over by my dearest sister, and my aunties, whom without, the wedding would not have been possible to pull off. They took care of the caterers and flowers and favours and every other little detail. My dearest Mum and Mum-in-law, who did everything imaginable under the sun to make it happen. My father, who watched every little detail like a hawk. Our best man, who went above and beyond his so-called duties, and definitely not the last on my thank you list, my significant other who put up with me – petulant and demanding, and difficult even as he juggled all that had to be done. To the rest, please do not be offended if I have not listed you, but believe me when I say that it would not have happened without your help…

A small thank you does not seem to suffice in these situations when one cannot express enough gratitude for what they have done for me. I shall always keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and always remember that I will try my very best to be there for you, as you have for me, in my hour of need.

It was a feeling of incredible happiness for me, especially on the day of the akad nikah. For some odd reason, it wasn’t because I was finally bethrothed, but rather knowing that there are people out there who share in our joy, and contributed their time, finances and devotion to make it happen. And I finally understood the meaning of family… and not of the sibling kind. I never really did truly appreciate my large extended family until that day…

I was also incredibly sad, to know that my dearest Grandmother missed the occasion, and that on the very same day of the akad, it was the 40th day of her passing. Some people have said that the 40th day is when the soul departs, and if that was the case, I would like to think she would have been happy to be there one last time for me…

My father’s tears, as he told me to be a good girl, was also too much for me to take. I’ve always been headstrong person, and throughout my life, my father had been the only one I would ever bend my will to… Hearing him say that made me realize that now, I would also have to bend myself to please others, as a wife and a good daughter-in-law, and that I’m no longer Daddy’s little girl…

Again, my gratitude to everyone who made me the happiest bride ever. And don’t worry, it truly is one in a lifetime… – Jasmine.


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