On work…

Back in the office again, after a super long hiatus… Was sick for a couple of weeks, then the wedding thing came along… In total, I counted 27 work-free days. Today would be the first week I’m back at work after such a long break…

And let me tell you, it’s been a super slow week. Its rather hard to get into the rhythm of working again – waking up, shower and figure out what to wear, get dressed, battle with traffic, park and then off to the mines we go… Plug in laptop, check emails and schedules, and all those little pesky things to do in the morning… Maybe get some actual work done in between blogging and chatting and surfing and lunch. And look, its almost time to go home, after another round of the same thing I just did in the morning!!

Shut down, pack up, drive through crazy traffic to go home, park, figure out dinner plans and whatnots, play with the furkids for a bit or catch some idiot box entertainment or play with the PS, and then its already nighty night time. The dredge starts all over again in the morning… *sigh* Hardly interesting.

A week of the same thing is enough to make me realize how much I don’t miss the dreariness of a desk job. I do get around a fair bit, but this week has been particularly zombie-like. It took forever to reach Friday…

I think I really am settling into the rut of routines a little too much this week. Maybe next week we’ll throw in a couple of surprises to keep the week going at a better pace, ehh? And tomorrow, a refreshing day in the woods would do me good 🙂

Till the Monday blues rolls around again – Jasmine.

ps – Apologies for the lack of witty comebacks today, brains are a little addled at the thought of the approaching weekend… Don’t remember the last time I was this inarticulate 😛 Wheee!!


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