On poems…

Wrote this sometime ago, but haven’t gotten around to publishing it. Promised my muse that I would when I have a spell of writer’s block… So here goes :

I can’t sleep at night without you

I worry about you

I could waste entire days in dreaming your presence

The world is a better place for me because you’re in it

but a sadder one because I now know what it is I’ve been missing

I ache inside with needs unexpressible, unescapable

I miss the sound of your voice

the touch of your lips, your warmth and closeness

They are outweighed by all the feelings you have awakened in me

I love how you make me feel lovely funny, vibrant, happy

even when I am not any of those things

Really your sleeping breath is sometimes my only comfort in a bleak world of pain

Your soft voice entreating me to feel you across the miles

Reminds me who I am inside the shell of hurts

Your heart opens the window to the brightness of the butterfly inside the chrysalis

I wish I could show you that even when we argue,

even when I stalk away in a rage, tears and fury sparking

I’m still yours, and always will be

Even when I don’t want to be

You drive me crazy a rollercoaster spiral of ups and downs

But someday you’ll hold me and I will know and you’ll feel me and you will know by this same distantly deep belonging that there need never be doubt fear loneliness in either heart ever again – Jasmine.


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