On mood swings…

Was absolutely off the books again yesterday, just everything and anything made me super grouchy. *sigh* The crazy moody bitch strikes again! My favourite Giraffe was utterly bewildered when he came home from work, to see me in pieces… again…

And my apologies to the people around me who got hit by the shrapnel when I went off… I didn’t mean to be mean as I did, or hurtful in any way. Just being the grouchy, and felt like I couldn’t pull myself out of it.

To give the boy credit where its due, he did cheer me up by taking me out for a fantastic dinner, and we had all of my favourite gastronomic delights, and came home pretty late, even though he had another early morning at work today… Came home, tucked me in, and simply told me, “I love you, even when you’re bouncing of the walls… Don’t forget that.” Thank you sayang, for picking up the pieces and making me whole again.

Just before going to bed, I realized I missed my morning meds, which included one to regulate my hormones, and hence the crazy bitchy mood swings as well… Ah well, I better remember today, or not its going to be another rollercoaster day, ehh?

Looking forward to Durian Ice-cream for dessert tonight 🙂 – Jasmine.


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