On durian ice-cream…

I cannot remember the last time that I had good durian ice-cream. Perhaps once in my life that we tried it, my Giraffe and I, at Ikano methinks. And that was some time ago… When a newly-minted ‘member of the inner circle’ offered to bring over some of the good stuff for dessert, I wasn’t about to say no in a hurry.

Last night, we had an ordinary dinner at home, with the lovely addition of durian ice-cream, of the fantastic variety. The description of the first spoonful would be…. simply orgasmic… Ya, ya, I know, sounds a little over the top 😛

But the ice-cream really was yummy – smooth and creamy and utterly durian-ish. The little bits of durian embedded in the silky ice-cream was just a wonderful juxtaposition of textures and flavours. By that time, it was already the second pile of Durian-flo I was digging into!

Enjoying my third helping of durian ice-cream, I realized that it wasn’t the ice-cream that I was relishing, but rather the company of the people who I love most, who share these ordinary, but special moments with me. That is what that makes life worth living, good company and good food, and feeling good at the end of the day… Corny but true. Can’t be helped, all of us at one time or another, have a Hallmark moment…

Thinking of the ice-cream waiting for me at home – Jasmine.

ps – Thank you, the-one-in-pink dearest, for bringing over the delightful stuff 🙂


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