On stupidity…

We encountered a bunch of fellas who were truly of the stupid kind last night. And I am not proud to say that they were Malay boys, on top of that Kelantanese… *sigh*

Why do they choose to overblow a small misunderstanding into a huge brouhaha is beyond me. That was all it was, a stupid mistake in judgement, followed by more stupid decisions taken before the brain’s train of thought had a chance to board. Thankfully, it did not escalate any further that it could have, which would have been an utterly unpleasant affair.

And they say Malay boys are the ones who need the most help, who don’t get the opportunities they deserve bla bla bla. Why not try to get out of the damn rut, and make your own way? Instead of picking on people, talking cock as if you’re the king of the world and behaving like a gangbanger, try holding down an honest job, be polite and beradab and make it so one would be proud to be Malay.

As someone much older and wiser once told me, people are always watching, all the time, everywhere. Never let down your guard. Never leave your manners at the door, and always always learn humbleness and humility, and be tolerant. No matter how stupid or rude other people are, you cannot go down to their level. Ever.

Someone is watching, and making an impression of you, and it might not ever change. So when the opportunity comes, they would probably pass you by, because of these earlier mistakes whether they be innocent or otherwise. Why burn your bridges before you even come to them?

This is precisely why, I am NOT proud to be Malay – Jasmine.

ps – Thank you Giraffe, and the-one-in-pink, for keeping your heads screwed on right.


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