On mundane-ness…

Had an ordinary, mundane weekend… A jazz outing that turned out to be quite dissapointing on Friday night, which spilled over into Saturday that was just that – mundane. Cleaned the house, had dinner with a favourite aunt, and the weekend just spilled over into Sunday… Which was even more mundane that Saturday!

Woke up, had a boring breakfast, then off to Mum-in-laws house, a quick Ikea run, then back home for more mundane-ness… Trying to read a book that I’ve probably read a dozen times before. A chocolate sundae from the Golden Arches which just refused to cooperate with me – first no spoon, then it spilled onto my t-shirt in the car on the way home, then spilled on the sofa while I tried to eat it the second time… I’ll have my revenge, you damn sundae (which is sitting and plotting to conquer the world in the freezer as we speak).

As you can see, I had a mundane weekend. The most interesting thing was the damn sundae ‘incident’. Went up to sleep, then discovered, I missed my meds, again. Perhaps that is what is making me feel awfully ‘down’ this weekend?


Promise to have a better weekend next week. Oh wait, my favourite Giraffe isn’t going to be around… Another boring weekend is most likely in the works… 😦

Thinking of ways to spruce up my weekends – Jasmine.

ps – I know I overused the word mundane. But that is what it is, right? A literary style to convey the message that I am uninspired? And lets not forget, mundane?


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