On lunch…

There is nothing I hate more that eating alone. Well, maybe with the exception of BO. I cannot stand the idea of eating alone, and its something I avoid like plague.

It’s especially hard when my workplace isn’t exactly overly friendly to me. Usually, the bosses are out waayyy early for lunch, and don’t want me tagging along. The little boys usually disappear quicker than you can say “Pouff!”, and that usually leaves me all alone during lunch hour.

To make things worse, there isn’t much choice in terms of gastronomic delights in the area within walking distance. There’s the mamak stall, there’s the grubby Thai-styled gerai which is a 5-minute walk in the sun, and then there’s the Chinese joint downstairs complete with pork trotters on their serving plates.

Usually, I skip lunch in favour of going home earlier, and it just happens out of necessity. The days I do have lunch, its either with Boo, gangly Bro or Giraffe or the occasional sponsor. If they don’t drop by or I meet them somewhere, I don’t eat. But sometimes, just sometimes I get super hungry and have to eat. Did I mention I hate eating alone? For a while, my Giraffe tolerated me going over to his workplace, which is about 20 minutes away by car, having lunch and then coming back here.

Today happens to be one of those days… I’m super hungry. HAVE TO EAT. And no one is available – Boo is seeing the-one-in-pink-who-tapaued-lunch, Gangly Bro has disappeared (apparently on the way here but never made it or detoured to somewhere) and Giraffe is just plain busy, not even time for 20 minutes of lunch. *sigh*

I really need to get a bigger social circle lah. This is pathetic. Lunch, alone again. Not often, but awfully depressing.

Thinking twice about cooking dinner tonight, since everyone bailed out on me for lunch – Jasmine.

ps – Decided going for lunch, alone again, is just too depressing. No lunch today, then…


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