On imperfections…

An uncle of mine, who I admire greatly, sent this link to me.

Watching the short clip brought tears to my eyes, and tugged at my heartstrings. I used to think that Giraffe’s snoring was an issue that wouldn’t ever be resolved. But over the years, I’ve learned to sleep to its comforting lullaby, and without it, find sleep elusive…I guess I’m not the only one with that thought 😛

Someone once told me, that a marriage is a beautiful thing between two imperfect souls who strive for perfection in tandem. I’ve found that after our wedding, as cliche as it sounds, our relationship has improved by leaps and bounds. Yes, we’re both imperfect. And yes, we’re striving for perfection, which will never be attained… But along the way, we would have learnt our lessons and become better people…

My mother told me, a few days before the wedding, to make a list of the three things I disliked/hated/couldn’t stand about my Giraffe. And then she told me to forget the list. Forgive him for his flaws, and love him for what he is… For all the times I’ve not listened to you, Mum, this one I would take to heart…

I suppose it’s all about learning tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness. For without it, a marriage wouldn’t ever work. And it takes work, real effort to stay in love with someone, especially when time has cast a patina of familiarity… And believe me when I tell you, we’re really working for it…

My darling Giraffe, don’t ever forget that I love you, and hope against all hope that you feel the same for me… Snores and all – Jasmine.


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