On allergies…

As Muslims who own dogs, I’ve had my fair share of people telling me its ‘haram’ to own dogs. I have no idea where they get this idea. There’s an even larger bunch of people who behave as if I have a man-eating monster at the end of the leash, and all they want to do is get away from it… *sigh* All the furkids wants to do sometimes is to get some pats on the head and a scratch behind the ears…

Its funny to see people’s reaction to my furkids. There are times it takes a whole lot of effort for me to just smile, nod politely and walk away when they start talking religion about dogs. I’ve given up explaining that owning dogs is not haram, and that there are clauses to be followed.

There are even more times when my furry kids behave better than the ‘skinkids’…. They’re jumping all over the place, bouncing off the walls, throwing food, throwing tantrums, running over people’s feet in their toys and rides, screaming bloody murder, biting and scratching other kids and adults alike, and generally behaving like lunatics – while all this is going on, my furry kids sit quietly beside me and watch the hoolabaloo with a bemused expression on their faces. I’m sure if they could talk, they would ask me why the human kids are behaving like that…

And then there’s another type of people – who think they know all about dogs and start making assumptions about mine. “Does he bite?” Anouc is a girl, and WILL bite your hands if you hand it over, and don’t think she would shower you in love and gratitude. Who the hell are you, anyways? Wouldn’t you be worried if a stranger decided to fondle your boobs / balls / butt without giving notice?

“Wahh… look like wolf. Does he bite?” Layla is a girl, and she’s a husky, so that is what she looks like. And she wouldn’t bite if you stick your hand out, but Anouc might 😛

“Wahh… this one someone gave to you? Not cheap mehh? Got another one?” Feliks is NOT cheap, he is a fully-pedigreed dog, that was rescued of the streets. He wasn’t given to me, we’re just giving him a good forever home. Don’t ask me for a free pedigree dog please, I don’t do charity. If you can’t afford to buy a pedigree dog, do yourself a favor and don’t get one. Their upkeep and maintainence is not cheap. Unless you want to go the way Feliks’ previous owners did, and throw him out to fend for himself when it was too much to keep him…

Anyways, I’ve gone off-tangent. The subject of the day happens to be this clip, a friend called Puteh put up on her blog… Thought it was interesting, since finally, a Muslim scholar thought it fit to explain why it is not haram for us to own dogs.

Doesn’t matter to the dog whether their owners are Muslims, Jews, Taoists or Christians or whatever, all they want is your love and affection, and for you to be a responsible owner – Jasmine.


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