On driving…

It’s been four days since we picked up my new car. Well, semi-new at least, seeing its a second hand car and all. But it is an upgrade from the little entry-level, fuel-saving, boring sedan I was driving before…

The new car looks like a bulky, boring Mum-taxi from the outside. Don’t be fooled by the mundane-ness of the look – it really is a joy to drive… Boxer 2.0-litre, turbocharged engine made by those people in Japan who are obsessed about the performance of their vehicles. All-wheel drive with active LSD means it takes corners like a cat on speed. On the highway, the car glides to over 160km/h effortlessly and joyously. Literally a joy to drive…

Yes, I’m very much a car person. And yes, I love to drive. Preferably along winding country roads with no one in sight for endless miles with the promise of a gem of a find at the end – perhaps a quaint little restaurant or chalet to rest for the night. And yes, I love fast cars, that handle well and is comfortable to be in.

Spent the weekend trying to keep my hands off the wheel. Woke up on Sunday and the itch was just a little too much to take. *sigh* I guess my favourite Giraffe will be the victim – dragged him out of bed and went on a drive to nowhere. Grabbed a late lunch, and continued driving…. By the time we got home it was late afternoon, and my mind was already scheming where to drive to next…

I guess I won’t be blogging much these few days… Can’t get the thought of driving out of my head. I’m already scheming for the long weekend ahead, probably something that involves a long drive through windy country roads, where we’ll stop for the night at some little chalets of some sort, and maybe come home in time for work on Monday…

Ohh, how I love smoking the boys with their noisy exhausts sounding like fart pipes 😛 – Jasmine.


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