On growing grapes…

The Malays call a jobless person a ‘penganggur’, which literally translated to English means a ‘grape-person’… I guess I fall into that category now, as just three minutes ago I was told to find alternative employment. Just the kind of thing I think that would happen to other people, but we are all ‘other people’ to someone else, isn’t it?

I am so screwed. I suppose I’ve spent all these years taking what I do for granted and settled in to the grind too comfortably. I probably ignored the warning signs looming, and thought that I could weather it out. I guess I’m not indispensable after all.

What I will miss most is the benefits I have from the job – medical coverage and expenses, flexi-hours for work and the travel. I will certainly not miss the stress. And I will not miss the horrid parking… Did I mention I would also miss my paycheck? LOL

With quite a substantial commitment on my back, I should be worried. I’m thinking I should try my hand at freelancing, but my skill sets aren’t exactly unique, and writers are a dime a dozen. Currently, I’ll jump into any job that would pay enough just to clear my monthly liabilities, and I’ll be thankful for that…

Thank you, darling Giraffe for being so supportive. It’s a tough time for me, and it will only get worse – Jasmine.


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