On priorities…

These past two weeks, I encountered two people who could not be more different than each other, than the earth is different from the sky… As my thoughts lately have been swaying to the progression of my currently non-existent career and the options and/or priorities that arise from it, I have been giving the current subject matter much thought.

The first person put his (they’re both men) career or job above everything else – family, loved ones, friends… Nothing would ever get in his way of work – may it be meeting a deadline or ensuring that a client downs another pint tonight at the pub. Nevermind the home is just a place to shower and change and sleep. Nevermind if his girlfriend has to wait three weeks for a glimpse of the dude. Nevermind anything else, work work work first. (Or at least, it seems to be a convenient excuse to go gallivanting, but that is for another musing, no?)

The other fella, on the other hand, isn’t willing to change jobs so that he can stay close to his young son and wife. Nevermind he’s grossly underpaid. Nevermind he’s treated badly and work environment isn’t the most conducive. Nevermind the drive to work is over 40km from his current residence. Nevermind the menial jobs that he does, certainly not fitting one that comes from a prestigious university, and he’s a degree-holder to boot… Nevermind the zero career progression. (Or at least, it seems to be a convenient excuse to explain laziness or fear to change, but that is for another musing too…)

Now, coming to the point of this post, I’ve decided that growing grapes aren’t exactly my cup of tea, and have started the tedious process of looking for another employment. The good news is, I have secured an employment at a company that was high on my list, and will start work in a fortnight…

A gamut of thoughts are running amok in my mind – they range from worrying about my job scope and whether I am able to cope with them, to worrying about what to wear and if I’ll be able to fit it… Among the many thoughts are interspersed with my worries on finding the balance of priorities…

To be able to move up in any establishment requires hard work and dedication. This might or might not mean – endless hours at the office, and not having as much time on my hands to spread for the home and family.

On the other hand, I am a woman fast approaching my biological sell-by date (according to some people). This means that the clock is fast running out for me if I ever want to have children. Yes, I do want to have children. And yes, I want to have a career and progress up towards bigger and better things, and would like to manage my family well. I wouldn’t wish to be back in the rut that I grew up in… I would want my children to be comfortable and loved, and not left to grow like wild weeds on the roadside.

The question that begs answering is – Is there a middle ground between these two people I encountered this past weeks? There must be a way to do it without burning myself out, and not straining my marriage to breaking point. I suppose God works in mysterious ways, and He would show me the way. Otherwise, why have I only crossed paths with these two specimens at this point in time? Sometimes all we need to do is open our eyes and the answers are there for us to see, no?

Balancing priorities isn’t an exact science, and it certainly isn’t easy… Hoping I’d bump into the manual sometime soon – Jasmine.


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