On debris…

Actually wrote this last week, but thought twice about posting… I guess thinking too much about posting or not makes the point of blogging moot, no?

I have been coming to work for the same employer, more or less, five days a week for over 4 years now. Today is my last day in employment here, and as pack and clean up my space for the last time, I feel a pang of sadness…

Although I was unceremoniously let go, just as the other employees were as our finances were hit hard, I feel that I’ve contributed all that I had to make whatever project I was part of, to be a success – always exceeding expectations and according to deadlines.

Yes, I have always complained that I am underpaid and unappreciated here, and did not make good impressions. Perhaps I’m not an easygoing person as I thought, but I did work my butt off…

Clearing out my files and whatnots, I came across the debris and hubris that filled my little room, and each little scrap of paper – filled with scribbles, random notes, receipts of purchases long past – held their own mini stories, and I’m actually reminiscing… As much as I won’t admit it, this place holds many memories for me, even if not all of them pleasant and worth remembering…

Just three weeks ago, I spent sleepless nights from the fear of uncertainty, of being without an income and perhaps of my own insecurities – Who would want to hire me? I have since discovered that my skill sets are fairly unique in combination, and the experience of working here all these years has made me more valuable to potential employers than I previously thought. I thank the heavens above for opening doors and opportunities just when I need it the most…

Next week, I’ll be turning over a new leaf – new job, new friends and a new environment. This time, without the prejudices and stereotyping of one who works for someone who’s known me all my life. This time, without someone perpetually scheming to make me look lazy, incompetent or otherwise plain irresponsible. This time, I hope to be appreciated and acknowledged for the hard work that I will do, and be rewarded accordingly. This time, I hope that my intelligence and experience is fully utilized, and not left to rot in the furthest reaches of the mind…

Funny how everything that surrounds my working space fits into a smallish box – Jasmine.


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  1. Hey baby!… you start on 1st of July 2009 . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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