On leering…

Working in a predominantly male environment, it cannot be helped that I inevitably interact with people who talk to my boobs. Its been done since time immemorial, and unless its particularly disturbing, I’ve pretty much learned to live with it. It only gets nasty when one stares too long or too openly, or makes an effort to come over to my spot of the world to ogle at my boobs.

Typically, my choice of clothes in the morning will dictate how much booby-real estate I will be exposing, and depending on the day, I usually show a small amount of cleavage, if only to emphasis on my better ‘features’ and catch their attention in the first place. However, in no circumstance, regardless of the quantum of cleavage displayed, is anyone invited to openly stare. And more than definitely, it is not an open advertisement of my charms or their availability. That purview is already signed, sealed and delivered to my dearest Giraffe.

Protocol dictates that they can look once, and that is it. Manners dictate that I forgive them for looking once, because its hard to ignore in the first place. Looking any more often than once, or ogling for an extended period of time, or even worse, talking to my boobs while I’m talking to their forehead is an absolute no-no.  

It then comes as a surprise to me, that at my current workplace (which, by the way, is the same space occupied by my dearest hubby, the Giraffe) there are people, or at least one perverted old fella who would actually walk up from his desk to talk to one of the fellas who sits opposite me, from where a very good vista of my cleavage can be seen. It gets pretty obvious when he pops over, because his eyes are on my  boobs while he’s talking, and he doesn’t even notice that I am staring at him. That is how oblivious he is…

It doesn’t help the fella is old, balding and downright fugly. I don’t mind if Giraffe looks at me, after all I do love attention from my Giraffe. Oh looky, baldy is here again, for the fourth time since I came in this morning, and its only been an hour plus… Oh boy, today is going to be long day indeed!

I wonder if they notice that we notice you are looking. As  I said before, one look is all you get before the ‘PERVERT’ label is slapped on. I wonder if they know what they are doing can be considered as sexual harrasment. And I’ll be darned if I have to dress like a nun because there are people in my workplace who do not know how to behave when a woman is around.

For the fugly baldy, here’s a cleavage you can stare at till kingdom come, and no one will be pissed off…



Women are especially perceptive when men are staring at them. And they don’t forgive or forget. Especially of the ‘wife’ kind… Keep that in mind, baldy – Jasmine.


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