On ‘cangkulan’…

The radio boys have a unique term for work – they call it ‘cangkulan’ – which when transalated into English, literally means to dig or till the soil. In this day and age, very rarely does one till the soil literally for a living, do they?

‘Cangkulan’ brings to mind a vision of a sweaty, tired peasant working the fields – backbreaking and a thankless job for peanut returns. Its true that even the peasants these days use modern machines and powertools – its hardly possible to see anyone literally till, even out in the boondocks…

So why is it yours truly, thinking of work in these terms? I suppose because I feel I’m not being paid enough for the work I do, and should be paid a lot more. It is unfortunate then, my current employment status – especially with regard to the official job title and descriptions, limit the pecuniary rewards that come my way.

What I do, is quite different from the official job description given to me. In all honestly, completing just the requirements of the job description would have left me braindead, and without any mental stimulation. I have taken it upon myself to be doing a whole lot more beyond that description, and in the process made my employers realize that they’re really getting a good bang for their proverbial buck.

Initially, I thought that this was a good strategy to ensure my move up the ladder – as there is ample opportunity here for growth and acknowledgement. It is now a matter of settling in to the grind, and swallowing the bitter pill that I picked for myself… I’ve been told that by working hard and bringing in results, I would be duly rewarded. No hard work, no reward then. So better work hard, ehh?

So, I suppose its really my own fault for making an effort beyond my job description, kan? Padan muka! Back to the tills, then – Jasmine.


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