A little snippet about myself…


I’m a woman in my early thirties… Cohabiting with my longterm boyfriend/husband/lover/handyman, my two siblings, my German Shepherd dogs Stella (kidnapped from our home in July ’07) and Anouc, and Siberian Huskies Feliks and Layla, my two cats Quentin and Poga, and countless tarantulas who keep me occupied when I have much else to do…

Currently, I am a full-time wife of leisure, working from home on several ‘mega’ projects. (Well, ‘mega’ enough for me, that is) I previously worked for a subsidiary of Malaysia’s only Fortune 500 company, and I do event management and some writing for them. I read law in Melbourne, Australia, and most of all I loved living out of our own motherland, if only to be in the company of people who are not judgmental. I travel a lot for work, and I love traveling when not working. My home and garden are my pride and joy, and I love the smell of good food freshly cooked at home. I love the outdoors – camping, offroading, hiking, or sometimes just plain ole ‘mandi sungai’ at a clean, cool creek somewhere…

I rant sometimes, and most of it may not make any sense. Writing this blog for me has been sort of catharsis therapy for my soul, for me to express the madness in which I find myself living in, and can find no escape. I may sound racist sometimes, or even aethistic, apathetic and unforgiving. I may even sound hypocritical and self-contradictory at times, but hey, I’m only human… Forgive me, and walk with me as I go on a journey of self discovery, hopefully for the better…

ps – I’m also Muslim. Some might find my thoughts, and the fact that I have dogs, drink socially and used to cohabit with my boyfriend offensive, since I’m supposed to be a good Muslim girl. I hope that you can learn to accept me as I am, and do not judge… For my sins are my own, and I find my God to be ever loving and forgiving…


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  1. hii baby,
    i really miss you so so much …i never really told you enough how much i love you …
    you are my life …my soul ….. and definately my love ……….
    it’s been a tiring , gruesome 24 hours since you left to bangkok …… iit feels like the world just stands still …… waiting for you to come back home to me …i really need you now ….
    i really need you .my love , nadia

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